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Hakim Akbar reflects on his life, Part Two

Hakim Akbar (Kim Grinolds/

In Part Two of Derek Johnson's conversation with former Washington safety Hakim Akbar, Akbar reflects on his time after leaving Montlake, dealing with life in the NFL and the responsibilities he had to his family at the time, and also about the accident that nearly cost Hakim his life and shaped his future as an adult outside the game of football.

Hakim Akbar: I was just trying to prove myself (in the NFL), that's all. You know, when you come from poverty like I did, and come from not having money, a lot of things come into play that you're not used to. Alcohol and other things. I remember getting $12,000 a week my rookie year. I went from a $100 scholarship check every month, to $12,000 a week and $48,000 a month. How can you prepare... Recommended Stories