OBR News-o-Rama: 11/23 AM

OBR News-o-Rama: 11/23 AM

The latest Browns news, linked and noted, arranged and subdivided...

Ah, the Friday after Thanksgiving - a day your humble webdork spends safely away from malls and local highways. It's the day of the year I'm least likely to venture near any sort of store.

Things get prehistoric out there.

If I'm brave, I may venture out late in the day to perform my hunt-and-gather function for my clan, and then retreat quickly to my cave.  I'm not the brightest caveman, but even I know better than to try to mix it up with Moms trying to prepare for Christmas (shudder). As a eldest male of my clan, I can defend the home against bugs and, perhaps, club a small mammal if needed, but going up against folks hellbent on a 10% discount on an XBox 360 just isn't safe.

Instead, I'll stay away from the carnage and try to keep folks up-to-date with Browns news.


Here's the latest from the OBR Newswire, our much-imitated listing of Browns stories we've been running since 1999. Of course, the OBR's newswire is different from our imitators because we update ours around the clock, provide a handy RSS feed, tag stories so that you can peruse the archives, and link to everything worth linking.

Given the lack of information flowing from an abbreviated practice session which was closed to the media anyway, the local papers pretty much had to stick to player profiles, opinion pieces and the theme of the day. The theme on Thursday is that the team won't talk about the playoffs until they're there.

My heart goes to out to the local beat writers who have to try to come up with something interesting each day out in Berea.

"No talk playoffs"
Elyria Chronicle-Telegram  AP  ABJ 

Josh Cribbs (still) rocks
Houston Chronicle  News-Herald  Canton Repository

Player Profiles
Thomas has found home in Cleveland (Warren Tribune-Chronicle)
Phil Dawson: Life is good (PD)
Jurevicius helps make offense go (Columbus Dispatch)

There's more on the newswire, per usual.

ADIOS, CHRIS BARCLAY: One story that really hasn't been reported is how the Tennessee Titans pulled RB Chris Barclay off the Browns practice squad. Barclay made noise during pre-season with a punt return that was the only real interesting moment of their first exhibition game (against the Chiefs). Barclay was also impressive during last spring's NFL Europe campaign. It's an indication of how far the Browns roster has improved that other teams are pulling players from our practice squad.


Light day yesterday due to Thanksgiving. We've already got four articles in the queue for publishing today. :-)

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GREED-OFF 2007 UPDATE: I hate to cover this every day, but not a day goes by without more BS being spewed about it.

The Cowboys game on Thursday afternoon gave Dallas owner Jerry Jones more time to spew to the media about evil cable companies who refuse to subsidize the NFL Network. The story was picked up by the AP, so it will show up on all the national sites like SI and MSNBC.

Here's a quote: "I am frustrated that we've got literally several million fans that won't get to see that game because Time Warner won't be carrying it," Jones said in the locker room after the Cowboys' 34-3 victory.

Let me fix that up.

"I am frustrated that we've got literally several million fans that won't get to see that game because Time Warner won't be carrying it we decided to pull it from free TV so that we could manipulate fans and try to strong-arm cable companies," Jones said in the locker room after the Cowboys' 34-3 victory.

Not better, but more accurate.

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