Anatomy of a Fumble

Anatomy of a Fumble

Bernie's Insiders online and magazine subscribers are already familiar with the excellent work of photographer Skip Trombetti. For non-subscribers, here's a taste of Skip's eye, as he captures a Bengals turnover during last Sunday's game.

Chaun Thompson gets behind the offensive line and goes after Carson Palmer. Palmer feels the pressure and runs to his right.

Before Palmer can release the football, Thompson is able to grab him and pull him down. Palmer loses the football (hidden).

In the right place, LB Orlando Ruff (94) slides to the football.

Since he wasn't touched, Ruff is able to get back up and head upfield. Young players should notice the careful way Ruff cradles the football. Um, maybe not.

Ending his brief turn as a running back, Ruff is pulled down after a short gain and possession goes to the Browns. Recommended Stories