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Ask the Insiders: Lane's Back!

Ask the Insiders: Lane's Back!

Lane Adkins is back, recuperated, and he's returned to Ask the Insiders. Of course, you know what that means! Here's the latest word on draft pick signings, trade rumors, rattled punters, and other Browns news. You want the straight scoop? You got it!

MikeHey: Frye and McMillan... Lane, when will these two be in camp? Lane Adkins: Have only heard that talks have progressed reasonably well. Mikehey: How far apart are they with edwards and poole? Lane: Look for Frye and Mc in this upcoming week, and the team has had some recent progress in nego's with Pool. Raine: Insiders, I have been hearing more and more grumbling about Charlie Fryes... Recommended Stories

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