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Cutting through the Rumor Fog

Miami QB Ben Roethlisberger

There is an old cliche about the "Fog of War". The NFL off-season also creates a thick fog of contradictory rumors and weirdness that makes it hard to see the truth: Where are the Browns leaning with their #1 pick? Will White be traded? What happens if Couch walks? Lane Adkins cuts through the fog and offers the very latest from Indianapolis and inside Berea. Get the real scoop, including items <i>exclusive</i> to BerniesInsiders.com!

Here is the very latest rumblings on the Browns intentions during this very active off-season: Especially if the Green Bay Packers lose left tackle Chad Clifton, they are expected to man a run at Barry Stokes.   Early indications are if the Browns are unable to restructure quarterback Tim Couch, they will make a stronger push for either Drew Henson or a quarterback in the early...

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