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It's Time to Address the Offensive Line

This morning on Cleveland area talk radio, callers and hosts are falling all over themselves to declare Ben Roethlisberger the next quarterback of the Cleveland Browns. #19 offers a different view, from the perspective of someone who had to play behind great (and not-so-great) offensive lines during his career. More analysis that you've get ONLY on Bernie's Insiders! <A HREF="">Grab a five-day trial</A> of Total Access and get inside today!

Kelly Holcomb and Tim Couch have certainly had their challenges this year. Some people say it's time for the Browns to go out and draft another young and promising quarterback. In reality, the quarterbacks have done okay considering the long list of issues the offense has had to deal with to date. I will admit though, it doesn't appear that either Couch or Holcomb is the long-term Super Bowl... Recommended Stories