Manziel named in bizarre lawsuit

Manziel named in bizarre lawsuit

The media storm never stops with Johnny Football, even when he doesn't do anything.

At times, it can be confusing to write for a media outlet. Things can get weird.

And if your team includes one "Johnny Football" things can get very weird.

Such is the case today as what appears to be a completely insane lawsuit was filed against Johnny Manziel in a Florida District court.

Using the name of a CNN contributor as an alias - and CNN's address as the return address - someone claiming to be Samantha Schacher is asking for $25 million from Manziel.

Here's where it gets tricky to be a member of the media.

You see, the charges leveled against Manziel are so crazily obscene as to either be hilarious or nauseating depending not he point of view of the reader. There are no shortage of media outlets guffawing about it today, or trying to build some clicks off of Johnny Football mania and tawdry content.

So, what we'll do here is allow you to find the lawsuit text if you're really interested in reading that sort of X-rated stuff and leave it at that. Try Google, if you're interested.

We'll give the final word to Erik Burkhardt, Manziel's lawyer, whose deficient knowledge about how percentages work shouldn't impact his quick and total denial of the lawsuit:

Now, can we all move along, please? Recommended Stories