Chad Mustard, who was the leading receiver in the Rhein Fire's World Bowl-clinching win in Barcelona. Here are some of the particulars...

ALSO: Read our interview with Mustard from last month"/>

TE Mustard Finishes Strong in NFL Europe

Chad Mustard

Allocated Browns players finished strong in NFL Europe's final week. The performances were led by TE <A HREF="">Chad Mustard</A>, who was the leading receiver in the Rhein Fire's World Bowl-clinching win in Barcelona. Here are some of the particulars...<BR><BR><B>ALSO:</B> <A HREF="">Read our interview</A> with Mustard from last month

Punter / Halfback Jay Taylor exploded for four yards in last weekend's action against Barcelona, but even his sudden running prowess took a back seat this week to the continued emergence of TE Chad Mustard in NFL Europe.

Mustard started at tight end for the Rhein Fire and made a significant contribution to the Fire's 33-7 pummeling of Dimitrius Breedlove and the Barcelona Dragons. The win locked up a spot in the World Bowl for the Fire, which has both Mustard and Taylor in starting roles. The World Bowl, which takes place in Scotland next Saturday, will also feature the Frankfurt Galaxy and Browns cornerback Kalvin Pearson.

Mustard led the Fire in receiving with four catches for 48 yards. Although he didn't score this week, Saturday's effort was Mustard's most significant involvement in the Fire's offense to date. Three weeks ago, Mustard caught a two-point conversion, followed by a touchdown the week after. The North Dakota product appears to have improved throughout the NFL Europe season, and has the size and hands to be able to challenge for a spot on the Browns 2003 roster. After last week's signing activity, however, the Browns are already have Darnell Sanders, Steve Heiden, and Aaron Shea at the TE and H-Back spot. The Browns also have Rod Monroe listed on the roster at TE.

Jay Taylor continued his punting chores for the Fire and had a better statistical line this week. Taylor punted twice for 78 yards, with a long of 52. Both punts landed inside the 20-yard line. Towards the end of the game, however, Taylor was forced to run the ball out deep in Fire territory on a fourth-and-fourteen, resulting in the above-mentioned four-yard run and a turnover close to their own end zone. The mishap led to the Dragons only score of the day.

Dimitrius Breedlove also had a better statistical line on the day, with two catches for 27 yards.

Finally, Kalvin Pearson did not start for the Frankfurt Galaxy, but saw action, which included four tackles and an 11-yard quarterback sack.

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